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JEEP WRANGLER MK 1 SJ 1988 - 1991 2.5 - 2464cc 8v Petrol Engine

JEEP WRANGLER MK 1 SJ 1988 - 1991 2.5 - 2464cc 8v  Petrol Engine



Prices From : POA*
Engine Condition : Used / Recondition
Engine Mileage : Between 10,000 & 75,000
Engine Quantity : More than 10 available / 12 Sold
Additional Info : Most parts available for this vehicle



Used Jeep Wrangler 2464cc 1988 - 1991 Engine

We are the UK's largest used Engine site having access to over 100,000 quality used engines in stock ready to immediate dispatch. Our network of suppliers stock hundreds of Jeep Wrangler 2.5 engines from 1988 to 1991, all fully guaranteed and tested, if you are looking for a fully warranted used engine for your Jeep Wrangler look no further, buy from the UK's leading engine suppliers.

Jeep Wrangler 2.5 8v Reconditioned Engines:

Don't want to buy a used / second-hand engine then buy a reconditioned one.

Jeep Wrangler 8v Cylinder Heads

If you don't need a complete engine then we are able to supply complete or bare cylinder heads too.

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  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Variant
  • Engine
  • Jeep
  • Wrangler
  • 1988
  • MK 1
  • 2464cc 103HP 76KW (Petrol)
  • Jeep
  • Wrangler
  • 1989
  • MK 1
  • 2464cc 103HP 76KW (Petrol)
  • Jeep
  • Wrangler
  • 1990
  • MK 1
  • 2464cc 103HP 76KW (Petrol)
  • Jeep
  • Wrangler
  • 1991
  • MK 1
  • 2464cc 103HP 76KW (Petrol)
  • HP
  • Cylinders
  • Fuel
  • Valves
  • Litre - cc
  • 103
  • 4
  • Petrol
  • 8
  • 2.5